Using overseas expeditions, local training and ongoing coaching, we challenge young Bermudians to harness their full potential and develop skills for life.

Over the years, many of our participants came from very difficult circumstances including homelessness, substance abuse and abandonment.


Raleigh is committed to ensuring our programme has a long-term positive impact on our participants, as our ultimate goal is to have the young people engaged in society - working or in school, and thus contributing to our community.


As an organisation, we believe strongly that our donors and supporters deserve to hear not only about our impact, but also about our financial management.  Our Annual Report includes a detailed 'Year in Review' plus audited financials. And, we continue to fulfill the requirements of the Bermuda National Standards Committee.  We were one of the first charities to certify in 2007, and in 2015, we underwent our second full re-certification process and passed with flying colours!  We are proud to be one of only ten Bermudian Charities to be BNSC certified until December 31st, 2019.


To download our Annual Report for FYE 2016, which includes our Audited Financials, please click HERE.  Be patient, it's a rather large file!


If you would like to download our previous Annual Reports (2007-2015), just click on the links below. Please be patient, they are large files and DropBox may require you to download them before being able to view them.


Fiscal Year Ending 2015

Fiscal Year Ending 2014

Fiscal Year Ending 2013

Fiscal Year Ending 2012

Fiscal Year Ending 2011

Fiscal Year Ending 2010

Fiscal Year Ending 2009

Fiscal Year Ending 2008

Fiscal Year Ending 2007


Please download our 2017 Case for Support to learn more about our programmes, our participants and our levels of success. 


2015 was a very busy year for us as we also underwent our second Strategic Planning Process in our Charity's history.  With the genero support of The Bank of Bermuda Foundation and Fidelit International Ltd., we developed our Strategic Plan for 2016-2020.  To download our Strategic Plan, please click HERE.

Additionally, Raleigh International (UK) has worked with the Institute of Public Policy Research (ippr), Dr Simon Beames from the University of Edinburgh and Dr Tim Stott from Liverpool John Moores University to evaluate the impact of the expedition on participants and alongside Dr Julia Mitchell and Bryan Michell from the University of Birmingham to evaluate the impact of our work on the developing communities.   Visit their website to see full reports.

Featured Alumni


Volunteer of the Year 2016 Keri 18Sep17 for webKeri Pacheco


Keri completed her expedition to Tanzania in 2013 and has been volunteering with Raleigh Bermuda ever since. In 2016, she volunteered as a Project Manager with Raleigh Borneo for 13 weeks to continue her personal and leadership development. Whether it's as a Leader for our Training Camps or as the Deputy Chair of our Alumni Committee, Keri continues to be an integral part of our Raleigh Family and Programmes.


“I had given all I could. I taught children. I built toilets and stoves. I made lifelong friendships. I felt the pain of those less fortunate, but their gratitude, I will never forget. I pushed harder than I ever have before. When I was down, I picked myself up. I overcame sickness, learned valuable life skills and overcame my fears. I never gave up on myself. Lesson learned - I possess all the strength and determination it takes to overcome any obstacle and to be my own hero.” Keri

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