Our Mission:
Using overseas expeditions, local training and continued coaching, we challenge young Bermudians to harness their full potential and develop skills for life.


Our Vision:

Raleigh's vision is of a Bermuda where young people work together, regardless of social background and culture - challenged to raise their aspirations, supported to believe in themselves and inspired to be part of a global community active in making their world a better place.


Founded in 2004 by Michael Spurling, Raleigh International Bermuda (reg charity # 710) is a branch of Raleigh International (UK). The programme structure and philosophy of the Bermuda organisation are thus based on internationally recognised principals of experiential learning and are designed to help young people develop skills and self-confidence in a fun yet challenging environment beyond the classroom and workplace. Our goal is to empower young Bermudians to set positive goals and take control of their lives. By helping them to see that they are stronger than they thought possible, they are able to realise their full potential and effectively manage the 'day to day' risks they face including drugs, alcohol, crime, bullying, loss of motivation, low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence.


Our intensive year long programme provides young people with:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Team Building Activities and Group Challenges
  • Outdoor Survival Training
  • 10-Week Expedition overseas in Tanzania, Malaysia, or Costa Rica & Nicaragua
  • Training and Engagement of Families/Support Network

A Bermuda Eco-Tourism Retreat for Adults October 17 - 18, 2020. Escape to an Oasis with Us! Spend the weekend with us at our Eco-Village and experience dining in the forest, relaxing by the bonfire and sleeping under the stars. It will be an unforgettable Raleigh experience! BOOK YOUR EXPERIENCE NOW! Contact or call 333-5678.






Raleigh BRAVE MID-TERM CAMP For students age 14 - 17 years old!

Please contact or call 333-5678 for registration forms or for more information.



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