Expedition, 10 weeks

Participants spend 10 weeks in Tanzania, Nepal, or Costa Rica. Over the ten weeks, they complete three phases:

  • Community: Past community projects include building a community hall in Nicaragua, installing a water system in Malaysia, and building a school in Tanzania. The projects are tough, but meaningful.
  • Environmental: The environmental projects are diverse – they might be building a bridge in the Imbak Canyon in Malaysia, or installing elephant-proof fencing in Tanzania.
  • Adventure: Participants push themselves beyond your limits to trek 250 kilometres through a mountainous region in Costa Rica/Nicaragua or climb a mountain in Borneo. During this phase they will surely find out what they’re made of.

During the expedition, participants could be staying with a local family on one phase, eating locally prepared food and using their washing facilities, or sleeping in bashers and cooking their meals on a camping stove the next. The adventure phase is the most basic and challenging - camping and carrying all of their food on their back - but by learning to live without luxuries they will appreciate the things they have back home.


The expeditions are designed to be challenging, life-changing experiences. The more the participants put in, the more they get out of it.

2021 APRIL  5 - 9, MID-TERM CAMP
For High School Students Ages 14 - 17 Years Old

Calling high school students from all over the island in a 1-week mid-term camp programme to address violence in Bermuda. They will learn how to find solutions, hold conversations and develop effective advocacy. Please click "image flyer" below to download camp forms. If you have any question, please contact info@raleigh.bm or call 333-5678.

I Am Brave April YAV Midterm Camp copy 


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