"All in all I thought the Raleigh International expedition was a success. I felt it was educational, entertaining, interesting, and most of all fulfilling. We learned, taught laughed, cried, in a gorgeous country where the people are reminiscent of Bermudians. We achieved a feat many Bermudians have yet to even dream of, we completed an expedition in Malaysia."

- Cushi Ming



" This expedition was great and maturing experience. You couldn't come back to Bermuda the same person. It teaches you how to deal with difficult situations."

- Erin Butterfield



"This was one of the hardest life- changing experiences I have ever seen Bermudians undertake. For myself, it was a step backwards in time to the 60's when Bermudians worked together. The saying "it takes a village to raise a child" came to mind - that's what I remember about Bermuda when I was young and that's what I saw in the village in Borneo where I worked for 3 months."

- Brendan Millett- our Staff Volunteer



"I spent the first phase of the expedition at Kg Saguan. At first I thought, this is just like on TV. The children came in so close but were scared to say hi or shake your hand. But once I had settled in, I was playing with the children every day. The kids have made an impact on my life. The families there treated me as if I was a member of their family. I have never been so excited to be with people from another nationality. They taught me their traditional ways and how to speak Malay and I helped them to learn more English. I hated to leave Saguan and was emotional when I left. I miss them so much and have made a promise to them that I will be coming back to see them"

- De Wilton Robinson

2005 Participants

Liane Abel

Juvonne Cann

Terrylynn Cordeiro

Tashae Harvey

Stuvon Outerbridge

Vernon Simons



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