"Raleigh International has been a big movement for me in structuring my life. And when I say this I mean, Raleigh has taught me skills and lessons that can never be taught in a school or office. The Raleigh experience was a BIG mind-opener for me.

I've seen things that people would die to see. I've done things that people just can't get up and do and, most importantly, I've learned that you can't take things for granted. And I am sure you all have heard it before, but this experience really beats it into your head.

When you see the children and adults with no shoes and rags for clothes and no roofs on their tin houses and you see them smiling, happy as ever, and you're mad and angry because its raining outside and you just got your hair done, it makes you realize that you have to be happy and grateful for what you have.

Along with the Raleigh experience, you meet tons of new people from all over which gives you the ability to network and understand the different cultures of the world. Being back in Bermuda with Raleigh under my belt is a big plus for me. I now work at the Argus Group with the help of Raleigh. I am pursuing an education and career in Insurance.

Also I talk to the youth about my experience and how its changed my outlook on life. And to the Venturers for this year, I say, 'Be open-minded.' Raleigh WILL change your life."


Nakia Foggo - Namibia 2006   



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