"I enjoyed every minute of the expedition, even the down times. It really changed my attitude towards life. Being able to see how people lived and how they appreciate their lives really helped me to realize what I have and appreciate it."

Sade Fox, Malaysia '07


"My Raleigh experience opened my eyes to diverse cultures and people. I now appreciate what I have. This was a very good opportunity and I'm glad I did it."

Jamel Harvey, Namibia '07


"My Raleigh Experience has been an amazing one. Everyday brought a new determination to get things done, knowing that they would be helping someone who really needs it. Patience, determination, and the many other skills that I learned are sure to benefit me in life in everything I do."

Shellvina Caines (Malaysia '07)


"Raleigh has taught me a lot of things - self-confidence, leadership skills, and how to pay attention in life."

Melvin Simons Jr, Namibia '07


"I made alot of true friends while I was in Namibia. Not just with the natives but with the other participants too. This experience has changed my life in many different ways-such as learning how to fend for myself like cooking and staying healthy to giving myself confidence to make new friends and deal with difficult situations. I learned not to take advantage of what I've got because I might not ever get it back. And most of all never to doubt myself! Always tell yourself that you can do it and it will happen eventually!"

Shakira Jones, Namibia '07


2007 Participants


Shellvina Caines

Sade Fox

Kenneth Pearman

Travonte Saunders

Tamesha Wolfe


Jamel Harvey

Shakira Jones

Erik Simmons

Melvin Simons Jr




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