"Raleigh International has opened my eyes to bigger and better things. Before Raleigh, I was a school student who had lost my drive for career success and personal fulfillment. Raleigh has helped me to change from that school student into an aspiring young man. Raleigh has provided me with many experiences which have taught me the significant core values of life: family, education, career, and self-worth. I have learned that these basic but strong entities are important to succeed in life. I am grateful to have had this awesome Raleigh experience."

Ashun Wolffe


"I really enjoyed my Raleigh experience. If I could do it again, I would. Raleigh has taught me a lot about myself as an individual, and the things that I am capable of doing if I just put my mind to it. After Raleigh I appreciated so much more than I used to and that's good. I really find myself to be a very different person now and I thank Raleigh International Bermuda."

Makeda DeShield


Raleigh was truly a life-altering experience. At first, I didn't know what to expect, but after the training camps I realized that this was definitely something that I wanted to do. Raleigh has changed my life tremendously, my whole perspective and outlook on life has changed. My communications skills have vastly improved, and I have become extremely self-motivated. I am using the skills gained from Raleigh to stay focused and to keep moving toward my goals in life. I will never forget this wonderful experience."

Teliqua Mallory


2008 Participants

Zakina Allen

Che Augustus

Makeda DeShield

Iesha Dill

Alshauntae Harvey-Hollis

Wendelle Lightbourne

Teliqua Mallory

Shakii Pearman

Ashley Phipps

Zeko Rubaine

Ricai Williams

Ashun Wolffe




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