"Raleigh was an eye opener. It showed me that living in the modern world with all this technology isn't necessary. I was without electricity for 10 weeks and now that I'm back, I barely watch TV. And manual labour gives me so much fulfillment. Working in the villages made me enjoy manual labour because at the end of the day, we made the villagers happy and were working the way they do. Seeing the young Malaysians doing work that I don't do or would moan about, made me realise that I have it way easy in Bermuda. Now when I am asked to do something, there is less arguing and less moaning. Thank you Raleigh International, sponsors, and Malaysia for opening my eyes to a bigger, better world."

Mandy Scott

2009 Participants

Darreana Burchall

Alisha Chapman

Catarina Correia

Shavaugn Dill

Tasha Gomes

Edward Ottley

Alneisha Outerbridge

Mandy Scott

Gere Scraders

Duanette Symonds

Seleta Williams




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Volunteer of the Year 6Dec18 for websiteJawonday Smith

Jawonday completed his expedition to Costa Rica & Nicaragua in 2012 and has been volunteering with Raleigh Bermuda ever since. In 2017, he returned overseas to volunteer again with Raleigh Borneo for 10 weeks to continue his personal and leadership development. Whether it's as a Leader for our Training Camps or as a Mentor to our young Bermudians, Jawonday continues to be an integral part of our Raleigh Family and Programmes.



“Not only is Raleigh Bermuda a journey of personal development, it is a journey of community and understanding. I've completed two expeditions and worked with Raleigh Bermuda for the past five years. I've worked with many people who have wanted the betterment for themselves and others, there comes a point in time where you have to hop up off your seat and realize you have the potential to change the world.” Jawonday

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