Justin came to the  Raleigh office n September 2011.  He’d gotten his GED a few years earlier, but his life hadn’t moved forward.  Once he found out more, he joined the programme, and spent the next few months training with his group and  receiving one to one support with figuring out what was getting in his way of reaching his goals.  He traveled overseas to Malaysia in February 2012.

“Before Raleigh I was unsure of what my purpose was in life and that had caused me to be lazy and unmotivated, which led to me becoming a professional couch potato. Since joining Raleigh, I have seen the world and also my life in a whole new way. Raleigh has not only allowed me to embark on a journey of a lifetime, meet amazing people and do unforgettable things such as building a kindergarten in a village, and receive my open water divers license but Raleigh has also helped me gain the confidence to get off that couch and find my purpose in life. Raleigh has not only helped me overcome a battle with drugs & self-esteem but has helped me get on the right path of becoming the person I'm destined to be. Without Raleigh I don't know where I would be.”

And where is he now?  Studying at Bermuda College, volunteering with Raleigh as a camp staff member, and exploring a career in criminology.  Raleigh isn’t a magic wand, but it can change the way a young person sees the world and themselves, which is the foundation of all their choices.

Justin Cann, Malysia 2012 (Winter)

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