Raleigh is committed to ensuring our programme has a long-term positive impact on our participants, as our ultimate goal is to have the young people engaged in society - working or in school, and thus contributing to our community.


As an organisation, we believe strongly that our donors and supporters deserve to hear not only about our impact, but also about our financial management. Our current Annual Report includes a detailed 'Year in Review' plus audited financials. And, we continue to fulfill the requirements of the Bermuda National Standards Committee. We are proud to be BNSC certified until December 31st, 2023.


To download our Annual Report for FYE 2021, which includes our Audited Financials.

Fiscal Year Ending 2021


If you would like to download our previous Annual Reports, click on the links below.

Fiscal Year Ending 2020

Fiscal Year Ending 2019

Fiscal Year Ending 2018

Fiscal Year Ending 2017

Fiscal Year Ending 2016

Fiscal Year Ending 2015

Raleigh International Bermuda
Physical Address: 61 Verdmont Road, 2nd floor, Smiths, FL02

Mailing Address: P.O Box HM 2475, Hamilton, HMBX

Email: info@raleigh.bm
Tel: +1 (441) 333-5678

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